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I signed-up on a Brothers Karamazov read along with Belleza.  The book was written by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I once tried to read Crime and Punishment by the same author but I felt like drowning in my emotions so I stopped.  And everytime I see a Dostoevsky book, I cringed at the thought of reading it.  That was many years ago and right now my emotions are in check, or so I believe.  The read along will start on April so I have at least a month to prepare.  It is a perfect time for me since my classes will be finished by then.  Also, what better to do during summer than have a good book and read under the shade of a tree or while sunbathing?  Yes, it’s almost summer in this part of the world.  But first, I have to finished James’ before the month ends or it will take me another year to reread it…again.

I was planning to read A Path of Daggers, the 8th installment of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan after James’ but the read along was an opportunity for me to at least finish one Dostoevsky piece.  Who knows I might end up reading all his works.  Besides, knowing that there are others who are reading with me inspires me to read until the last sentence of the novel.