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I had a blast Sunday!  I started to have my regular jog/run at 5:30 in the morning. 2 hours later I felt fresh and relax.  Swimming would have been next on the activity list had a friend and I miscommunicate.  To amuse myself, I went to a local bookstore ready to be lost in a book’s pages  but I literally felt lost as the store was jam-packed with people.  I forgot it was just the first week of classes and, as the bookstore also functions as a school supply shop, schoolchildren accompanied by their parents, were eagerly selecting notebooks and papers and pens.  Suddenly, nostalgia hit me! I remember my school days.  However, as I have no time and patience to wrestle with overly excited young people, I went instead to another bookshop .  And then lo and behold!  They were having a weekend sale – as much as 90% off from the regular price.

As suggested by Fiona of The Book Coop and MissMeliss of Bibliotica, I picked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson.  I also found Jostein Gaarder’s latest book The Castle in the Pyrenees and Maya and put them in my cart as well.  I very much like Gaarder’s novels.  They are beautifully written and they make me keep reading them over and over again.  I especially loved the Solitaire Mystery.  I like the idea of a book within a book.  Also, the novel The Christmas Mystery is a delightful read on a Christmas Eve.

On a table, where lots and lots of books arranged seemingly without order, I spotted Madeleine L’Engle’s.  I grabbed it immediately without knowing the title first.  It doesn’t matter, I thought.  It’s L’Engle.  The Summer of the Great-Grandmother is the title, by the way.  It is book 2 of the Crosswicks Journals.  I’m not sure yet if I have to read book 1 first before this book.  But as all L’Engle’s series I might not need to.

And then there were random picks.  I like random picks.  It was how I met Edith Wharton many years ago when I picked her novel Summer without any idea who the author was.  Across The Mystic Shore by Suroopa Mukherjee and The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl were two random picks.  I though the name Matthew Pearl is an author of long ago but apparently he’s not.  His other books include The Dante Club and The Last Dickens.

So, I went out of that bookshop carrying 7 books, an uncontained happiness and a more refreshed feeling than that of the morning jog.  I love Sundays!